EZ Handles with make a stressful move easier on everyone. Boxes will be easier to pick up. Avoid back strains or minor injuries by using EZ handle – get your very own EZ Handles today!


EZ Handles is a development and idea that was conceived after many years where the principals were involved in the construction industry. When households move, it always becomes a very stressful time. Cardboard boxes, in most cases, are overloaded with household goods and personal items. These boxes are heavy and cumbersome. To provide a much simpler way to move these boxes, EZ Handles was developed to make it much easier task in handling these boxes. The handles are designed to hold up to 60 lbs. For heavier boxes, a strapping strap is attached to the bottom of each handle.

About EZ Handles

EZ Handles has been in development for over two years. After much research within the Cardboard Box Industry, it was evident that no one was providing a simple set of handles in which to pickup and move boxes. Moving and storage boxes are normally quite heavy and difficult to handle because of their size. EZ Handles was designed to make it a lot easier for anyone handling cardboard boxes. They will have a much easier task when picking up and moving boxes with EZ Handles attached.

How EZ Handle Looks


EZ Handles has developed a proprietary industrial adhesive that is designed to hold up to 60 lbs on all types of boxes. The adhesive is on the back of the handles pad, the backing is removed and the handle applied to the box. The adhesive is designed to immediately adhere and can be used immediately in lifting the box.

Why You Need EZ Handles


is being developed to ease the burden of moving and storing boxes. With EZ Handles, you can pick up, move and storage boxes from location to location.


Moving and packing large boxes has always been a dreaded chore. Experts have suggested different ways to handle large boxes. Most just show cutting a hole in the box. Even Martha Stewart recommends cutting holes in the box for handles. Problem, when the box is full, you can’t get you hand in the cut out hole. Once you cut the box, you weaken the overall structure. Cutting a hole invites unwanted pests if your box is in storage. EZ Handles is the perfect solution.


EZ HANDLES will be available to the public soon. We are presently undergoing engineering, testing and final design to insure our EZ Handles product meets the highest standards. We are also working with local and international manufactures to provide a continues initial supply for a nationwide rollout. Look soon for EZ HANDLES!

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